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New Data Preparation (NDP) project is based on serving a big enterprise Client of Anurakti Solutions in the Logistics & Transportation domain. The Client as a large Enterprise maintains/has access to large number of warehouses across the geography and maintains their related profiles to provide best of services to its Customers. As part of its Service offering the Client has shipment data details coming from its numerous Customers along with the goods to be delivered to designated locations. These shipment data details form quite a voluminous amount of data coming from disparate locations and in disparate formats. This requires quick & efficient handling of the information as part of the complete business process, in order to deliver High Quality services to its Customer’s.

NDP is a project aimed at merging these disparate Customer data files related to shipment details coming from various Customers, in different formats, & from different locations, into a standard format for processing in the NDP application’s Core module. This Core module is powered by the Informatica ETL tool which communicates with Oracle Database at the backend, as well as its internal SAP CRM interface and other 3rd Party interfaces in XML.

Serving the Core module, is a GUI front-end that is used by Client’s Administrators, its Customer’s or Customer Service Representatives (CSR) for activities like New Customer planning, Account / Profile management activities, Value added services configurations, Reporting / Notifications configurations, and other general configuration settings. This GUI is developed in Sun ® Java technology.

Based on the expertise of our Techarts in Sun's Java technology & Informatica Powercenter ETL tool, we can offer you a whole range or a subset of such development expertise at Anurakti Solutions.