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eBooks basically deals with the technology of DRM (Digital Rights Management), where an asset of the Author, a book, when published in digital form, is to be protected from Copyright infringements, using existing rights management protocols and taking into account various restrictions, such that the Customer has easy enough access for the same. The protocol used for the same was Electronic Book eXchange (EBX) protocol and restrictions include the export control restrictions for maximum allowed key length of 128 bits.

As part of the research project our Techarts have the experience of doing an initial analysis of the eBook technology and study of the EBX protocol. The project further involved implementing a prototype for eBooks strategy which worked both on the Pocket PC and Palm OS handheld devices.

In addition, during the course of implementing eBooks strategy our Techarts also filed papers for 3 patents with a US based Company related to eBook Technology. The patents for eBook strategy included
  • Use ROM serial number of the Palm device for uniquely identifying the device.
  • The ability to transfer the ROM serial number of the device from the Hand-Held side to the Desktop during the synchronization process on the Palm Device.
  • The workflow of creating an identity of a Hand-Held device using the users Desktop machine’s credentials and then using that identity to encrypt the digital contents of the book, in general for both Pocket PC and Palm devices.

Based on these expertise of our Techarts in the field of eBooks & Security (DRM), we can offer you a whole range or a subset of such product development expertise at Anurakti Solutions.